Cell phones and kids: A few ideas and important tips to help this holiday season

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(The Daily Dish) Stephen Dalby, Entrepreneur and founder of Gabb Wireless started his company to help protect his son from the harmful effects of technology, like addictions, pornography, and self esteem issues.

What most people don’t realize is the driving force behind WHY he started Gabb Wireless. 

Most people didn’t know that Stephan had his own personal experience with sexual abuse. He wanted to do what he could not only to protect his son, but to help keep other kids safe. He felt like if he could make one kid not feel the pain and challenges that he had, then starting this company would be worth it.

That’s when the idea and concept came together to create Gabb Wireless in 2018.

Gabb Wireless has been very proactive in partnering with several non-profit organizations, one of which is Defend Innocence, located here in Utah. Defend Innocence has a very special place in Stephan’s heart. He attended a luncheon where he learned several disheartening facts:

  • Did you know that 80 percent of sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator? 
  • One 1 in 5 children are sexually abused before they are 18?

He also learned was that there is a new form of sexual abuse. Kids are getting smart phones at a young age and they are getting access to adult content and are acting out on the content. Their brains don’t know how to process the information. 

This is the reason Gabb Wireless continues to develop products and the reason Stephan is so passionate about Gabb Wireless.

The Gabb Life Initiative – This is the fun part, we have too many kids today starting at a screen locked in their rooms. The whole point of their initiative is to get kids off their screens and doing cool stuff. Someone inside of Gabb once said, “Kids shouldn’t just get a Gabb phone or a Gabb watch, they should get a phone AND a skateboards or a guitar.”

They want to inspire kids. They know that kids will be happier and healthier if they are interreacting with other kids. 

Not only does Gabb offer phones on their website, they also have a blog that offers help to parents on how to handle those “tough” situations for kids and also parents. Just a few topics: Cyberbullying, Being a Single parent in a high tech world, How to connect with your kids, and many more.

If you would like to know more about Gabb Wireless, visit their website and find out how you can sign up for a plan and help inspire your kids.

You can also support Defend Innocence and donate to this cause here.

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