Celebrating 75 years with the Salt Lake Parade of Homes

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Deanna is on The Daily Dish and she is showing us inside one of the coolest houses that she has ever set foot in thanks to David from Preservation Utah who’s partnered with the Salt Lake Parade of Homes this year.

This year is their big anniversary and they thought wouldn’t it be great to highlight some of the legacy heritage that exists here in Utah, acknowledging the past as well as the future by showing homes of the now and anticipating the technologies that people are incorporating into their houses and also what people did in yesteryear.

A man named Steve McDonald designed today’s house, he was a brilliant architect who grew up in Salt Lake went to Cambridge MIT to get his degrees, and then came back and helped found the University of Utah School of Architecture but he was also in private practice. In fact, he built a house for the 1955 Parade of homes, and through that process, people got to know him and started commissioning other houses like this. Steve became one of Utah’s true modernist masters.

Deanna is standing near this fireplace which is a wonderful feature to have in your living room. giving you the feeling of camping where you’re connected to nature even though you’re inside. Also, you can see the hallway that has been composed of logs set into rocks. The hallway provides access to the bedrooms and the other study areas of the house.

With just the right amount of light that’s pouring through all these glass windows, the mood of the house is constantly changing because of the light of the seasons. This house is always in transformation because there is so much nature inside because of these wonderful windows and other features.

Those people who are looking to be inspired or people who are looking for the next idea or home to buy should go to the Salt Lake Parade of homes. It is the premier showcase for homes being constructed and new and old homes here in the Salt Lake Valley.

This is an event not to be missed and it’s going on right now through August 14, open Tuesdays through Saturdays and we’ve got a discount code for you! Just go online and use promo code: “Parade75” for $3 off your tickets and come and see these works of art that you wouldn’t normally get to see or that you wouldn’t know are right here in your own backyard.

You can also download the Salt Lake Parade of Homes app on the Play Store or App Store to get turn-by-turn directions.

For more information about the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, you can visit their website.

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