(The Daily Dish) Today on The Daily Dish we are lucky to get to talk to Jeremy Smith, President of Steve’s Automotive Specialists about the exciting events they have coming up as they celebrate their 45th anniversary!

Very few businesses have lasted this long in Utah and we want to know what Steve’s Automotive Specialists have done to make this happen! According to Jeremy, he tells us “My dad – “Steve” has always been a hard worker and loves to serve his Utah neighbors. My dad taught us that to do business you must always have integrity and do whatever you can to help and lift your fellow man.”

The truth is, things have sure changed since 1977 when the company first began. At each of their shops, they’re celebrating some of the great things from 1977! A few examples are… They have a place where customers can take a photo doing disco dancing. Also, did you know that 1977 was when Atari 2600 first came out? They will have an Atari 2600 in each of the shops so customers can play! Star Wars first came out in 1977 and that means that this next week they have a tribute to Star Wars where they will have people in full costume showing up and giving away star wars movies!

They will be giving away prized throughout each week and they have five shops from Cache Valley to Utah County that loves serving and having fun with the people in each community!

Do you have something that needs to be done on your car that you’ve been putting off? Now is the time to take advantage of the fun at Steve’s Automotive! Make sure you visit their website to find a location near you!

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