PROVO, Utah (The Daily Dish) – “When all seems dark, one unique spark can light the way.”

A new original scripted series from BYU TV presents a unique, creative showcase of people with autism. A Kind of Spark is a powerful live-action adaptation of the award-winning novel by neurodivergent author Elle McNicoll. Set in both the present day and the 16th century, “A Kind of Spark” tells the inspirational story of Addie, an autistic girl who fights for acceptance in her community.

The series was produced with a commitment to building an authentic team in front of and behind the camera. Approximately 50% of the cast and crew are neurodivergent, including the series’ three leads who play the Darrow sisters: Lola Blue (“Addie”), Georgia De Gidlow (“Keedie”) and Caitlin Hamilton (“Nina”). The characters of “Addie” and “Keedie” are autistic while the character of “Nina” is neurotypical.

“A Kind of Spark” celebrates the differences that make us unique and enrich our lives. While the series shines a light on the everyday lives of neurodivergent individuals, it also explores the timely and timeless themes of family unity, loyalty, faith in oneself, and hope in the face of insurmountable odds.

The Daily Dish spoke to two of the show’s stars – actors Lola Blue and Caitlin Hamilton about their new series.

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