Katy with Taste Utah is in Murray today at Bakes N’ Bubbles with the Owner, Anny Sooksri to talk about another exciting restaurant she is involved with.

Anny is the owner of a family of Thai restaurants that include Chabaar Beyond Thai, Tea Rose Diner, Fav Bistro, Noodle Run, and now Bakes N’ Bubbles. She grew up in Thailand and enjoyed the many colorful flavors of Thai food. She has always had a love for cooking. Each restaurant has its own individual flavor and dishes but they’ve all been rated with 5 stars and Anny has been given rave reviews. Check out Bake N’ Bubbles or one of the many other locations that are available.

Bakes N’ Bubbles is a gift to the food community because they’re bringing all of these beautiful flavors of Thailand and they’re infusing it with familiar tastes that we already know. They’re located at 6014 South State Street in Murray, right by the Burlington Coat Factory and Planet fitness.

They offer coffee, tea, and many other options. You can check Bakes N’ Bubbles out on Instagram.

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