Dr. Astrid Tuminez the seventh president of Utah Valley University spoke with Nicea DeGering of ABC4 today about how she is balancing Mental Health during the Pandemic.

Many times Dr. Astrid Tuminez will come home feeling the pressure of the day, but Running takes her to another world. It allows her to detach. The stress melts away and she is able to think things through and remember what is important.

It has been very important for Astrid to continue running during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the current chaos, it brings her a sense of wellbeing and peace. It is a mental health strategy she uses all of the time. We need to take care of ourselves, and this is one way that I do it.

Dr. Astrid Tuminez said she cares deeply about the UVU students and want to make sure they have what they need to ride out the chaotic waves of COVID-19. Nearly one in five adult Utahns suffers from poor mental health. Those statistics are similar among students. She is showing by example that running is one-way students can balance their mental health needs.

She also wants to express her gratitude for the heroes of the COVID pandemic, both on and off-campus.

“The Utah Valley University community has pulled together and worked hard to make education possible, even in trying circumstances. I am grateful for their sacrifices and I am proud of them.” ~Dr. Astrid Tuminez

Dr. Astrid Tuminez is excited about the Virtual half marathon and would like everyone to look into participating wherever they can.

Fast facts about Utah Valley University – Pre-COVID-19:

  • Fall 2019 headcount: 41,728
  • Average class size: 23
  • Concurrent enrollment: 12,080
  • Online enrollment: 11,543
  • Degrees and certificates: 44 certificates, 68 associate degrees, 91 bachelor’s degrees, 11 master’s degrees, and 3 graduate certificates
  • 36% of students are first-generation
  • 51% work at least 21 hours per week while attending UVU
  • 32% are age 25 or older
  • 40% are married or in a partnership
  • 17% percent support at least one child
  • 80% are employed
  • 19% are students of color

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