Salt Lake City, Utah (The Daily Dish) — With all this snow and bad weather – many people find out how their roof is holding up. Today Surae is visiting with Mike Ashworth, owner of Ashco Roofing Experts. We are excited that they have a program to help homeowners who may need a new roof but they can’t afford it.

At Ashco Roofing Experts, they have been serving the community for several decades now and they want to give back. Their program is set up to allow people to nominate someone in need of a roof repair or replacement and then each month a committee reviews and chooses the one that they can help. If you know of someone in a rough situation that could use some help, you can send an email to nominate them to:

One thing that we have heard, time and time again, is that Ashco Roofing is well known for having affordable solutions. They can provide these solutions because they’re always researching and finding programs to help people save money. Currently, they have a program that offers ZERO percent financing or they’ll match the down payment up to $3000.00!

Mike also emphasized the importance of making sure that you practice safety when it comes to cleaning off your roof or cleaning out your gutters. You should always only have a professional on your roof. Last year there were over 500,000 falls off of roofs with many of those being fatal.

The people at Ashco Roofing are trained in safety and are the experts that you should have on your roof. With falls being a concern, they now also offer Leaf-Shield, a gutter protection product that keeps your gutters clean and functioning. They are guaranteed to be CLOG-FREE making it so you don’t need to even get on a ladder to clean your gutters.

If you would like to schedule a service or a free bid, you can call (801) 430-3983 or visit their website for additional information.

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