Announcing two big things happening on Utah Philanthropy Day

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(The Daily Dish) Today Nicea is taking with Andrea Clark and Cydni Tetro about the launch of the Labor and Honor Award to recognize individuals making an impact on a critical issue in the state and also The launch of a program by Brandless to provide bundles of needed supplies to refugee families arriving in Utah.

Utah Philanthropy Day is coming up, and we have two groups doing new and exciting things to support those most at need in our community, and those who are leading incredible efforts to reach them.

This year for Utah Philanthropy Day, they will present the inaugural Labor and Honor award. This award recognizes an individual, family, or organization whose dedication to a cause has led to a phenomenal shift, breakthrough, or transformation in our state. Without consideration to their own interest or comfort, they apply themselves unrelentingly in pursuit of a solution to our most pressing problems.

Recognizing these people and groups helps increase their impact and inspire others to get involved and help. They’re proud to be giving this award, and to be supporting Brandless in their work for Utah Philanthropy day as well.

Brandless agrees that celebrating these community heroes is important. They were honored to be asked to support Utah Philanthropy Day by sending their better for you products to the nominees and award winners so they can give themselves some self care after all of the care they give to others.

At Brandless, they also believe deeply in making better for you products that are better for all, including those who are most at need in the community. Right now, they believe that includes the Afghan refugees arriving in the state after losing nearly everything.

They are joining forces between their B.More community giving program, the Labor and Honor Foundation and the International Rescue Committee to donate personal and family care products for these families. Through this partnership, they’re donating $5,000 in needed goods and care items. In addition to this donation they’re inviting everyone to get involved and give as well.

They have various bundles of needed products on their website that people can purchase to donate to these refugee families. For each one purchased, they will match that donation and give another bundle, too. This opportunity starts on Utah Philanthropy Day and everyone can help with this.

All of the items purchased will go to Afghan refugees in Utah through the International Rescue Committee. Their company has a mission of helping people take better care of themselves and their families, and they believe efforts like this are at the heart of that mission.

Make sure you tune in to ABC4 Utah on November 5th at 6PM to watch the 2021 Utah Philanthropy Day Awards!

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