(The Daily Dish) Utah has some iconic locations and sites. Over time some have faded away – However, it is exciting to see one location that has been around now for almost 75 years has a new owner with the passion to carry on the spirit and attitude that has made it a local icon.

Today we have Brandy Fowers with us to discuss the evolution of the Sacco’s farm stand. 

The Sacco family started this business almost 75 years ago. Carlo Sacco started selling door to door but later was able to get this location and their huge sign brought in people off the freeway and from miles around.  It has become a northern Utah icon. The family prioritized buying local produce and locally produced products. Brandy and her family LOVE what they have accomplished and wanted this effort to continue.

A few things that Brandy plans to hopefully continue with Sacco’s farm stand are that they will keep the sign, they will be updating the location and the changes that will happen are what her family likes to call “BRANDY-ified”. They will continue to sell the same fresh produce grown locally, and they will add additional produce that hasn’t been available.

In addition, Brandy LOVES boutique items and hopes to add a few items as well. STAY TUNED!

As far as the changes taking place immediately, Brandy says they ask for grace and patience as they make the conversion and acquire the right items. Sacco’s farm stand will not be referred to as The FARMHOUSE at Saccos.

You can learn more by sending an email: farmhouseatsaccos@gmail.com or you can follow on Facebook for more information.

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