An easy way to say goodbye to Night Sweats; Here is how to sleep at the perfect temperature!

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(The Daily Dish) When Marley Gina White, Cozy Earth Brand Representative wanted to come into the studio to talk about the bedding and sleepwear we never expected that she would be bringing in clouds that you could pack up and take with you wherever you went.

Cozy Earth was invented so we can sleep at the perfect temperature. It’s helping men and women everywhere say goodbye to hot flashes, night sweats and sleepless nights.

Not only do they offer a fabric to make you feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. They also offer Loungewear for men and women. They have Joggers, Socks, Robe’s, Pullovers and Hoodie’s and it’s all made from the same fabric that will keep you comfortable and feeling at your best and not only for a little while but all throughout the day.

Cozy Earth is focused on making a better earth for those around them and also making life a little easier for those who purchase from them. You’ll want to jump on over to their Blog and check out all of the different topics that can help you in all areas of your life, not just bedding and being Cozy.

No matter what you do, check out the comfort and sustainability that Cozy Earth has to offer. If Oprah named their bamboo sheet’s her favorite 4 years in a row, you can’t go wrong! Take a look at Oprah’s Favorites.

There are only 36 day’s left until Christmas which means you are going to be excited to hear this good news!

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