Salt Lake City, Utah (The Daily Dish) — You know Zerorez as the carpet cleaning company, but they can help your homes air quality too. When it comes time to get things tidy, without all those harmful chemicals, consider Zerorez. Jake Stone came on to dish all about it!

Carpet cleaners? Yes, there may be several options out there. However, there’s only one Zerorez approach. Jake says, “Your carpet is the largest filter in your home. You’ve got the filter in your furnace, well your carpet is actually doing more for the air quality in your home, than that filter in your furnace.”

If you are someone that didn’t know that air ducts should be cleaned, Jake with Zerorez suggests having them cleaned once a year. When the air quality gets really bad, It’s not just bad outside. It gets into the home and eventually onto your carpets. There may be several options out there when it comes to carpet cleaners. However, there’s only one Zerorez approach. With Zerorez they run their water through a softener and a process of electrolysis, raising the pH of the water. It acts like soap or detergent but doesn’t leave behind a soapy residue. Keeping your carpets clean longer.

Other services Zerorez offers is upholstery, tile and grout, and one of Zerorez’s cleaning favorites is air ducts. Cleaning your air ducts is very important because it will then help keep other things clean as well such as your upholstery, carpet, and all of your surfaces. It’s recommended to have those ducts cleaned about every year to two years.

Zerorez has some awesome deals going on right now. First is with the air ducts. They are doing 15% off of air duct cleaning when you use the code VIPAIR15. The other is for carpet cleaning. You can get a 4th room for FREE when you mention this spot! Learn more and schedule a cleaning by visiting them online at Zerorez in Salt Lake or Zerorez in Davis or Weber. You can chat with a Zerorez expert by calling them at 801-288-9376.

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