Acoustic Wave Therapy uses pulsating acoustic waves to open and regrow blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow. In the past, pills, injections and even surgery have been used to try and treat erectile dysfunction with less than promising results. This breakthrough treatment is a natural, long-lasting solution.

Wasatch Medical Clinic has helped thousands of men of all ages overcome ED with this revolutionary technology.  It is a non-invasive treatment applied topically on the skin and doesn’t use needles.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is FDA cleared as of 2015 and is in 23 clinics across the country. It has been studied in over 40 clinic trails, including one by Cambridge University, and found the safe and effective.

Call 801-901-8000 for a free 30-40 minute consultation with a doctor, plus an ultrasound to see where you’re at and see what kind of results you might expect.

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