SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (The Daily Dish) – Peformance issues in the bedroom can really put a strain on a relationship. Men suffering with erectile dysfunction, or E.D., have treatment options beyond surgery and costly medications. Wasatch Medical Clinic offers a revolutionary approach to treating E.D. without pills, injections or surgery. Patients are finding help with a treatment called acoustic wave therapy.

The treatment is surgery-free, drug-free and needle-free. After an assessment and exam from a doctor, a series of non-invasive treatments using an FDA approved device may help repair existing blood vessels as well as grow new blood vessels to improve blood flow to treat ED at the root of the cause.

“My husband struggled with ED for many years. The pills didn’t work and neither did the injections. We’re so happy to report that the treatments worked wonders! Thank you! Back to full
function now after a few treatments.” Pamela A.

Wasatch Medical Clinic says, don’t mask the issue of E.D. with pills. Find a lasting solution that allows natural spontaneity in the bedroom with this revolutionary treatment approach. Call today for a free exam and blood flow ultrasound.

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