(The Daily Dish) For many, intimacy is the key to a strong relationship. Finding spontaneous moments as a couple can reignite passions and build closer connections overall. But sadly for men with ED (erectile dysfunction), these moments are few and far between, affecting both members of the relationship.

Studies show that there are over 30 million men in the United States alone suffer from some form of ED, with 71 percent of those not seeking any treatment. And it’s easy to understand why. The past 30 years of treatments for ED have involved the use of invasive injections, surgeries, and medications bringing with them a whole host of unintended side effects.

Advances in medical technology have resulted in a breakthrough treatment for men’s ED called Acoustic Wave Therapy. This treatment — performed by Wasatch Medical Clinic — works by using gentle pressure waves that travel through the skin and into the blood vessels, causing them to expand and helping them repair. No needles, No Surgery and Drug Free.

After only 2 to 4 brief and painless treatments, patients notice lasting results in the bedroom without the use of any additional support. Even better, their partners are often the first to notice how effective AWT is and appreciate the restored sense of spontaneity in their relationships.

According to Miles Broadhead with Wasatch Medical Clinic: “It works! About 70 to 90 percent of men who are good candidates (most men) are responding in ways that are amazing. They’re not coming back to us — which is good news… We hope that you don’t need us again after we’ve given you the treatment.”

Call Wasatch Medical Clinic today for a FREE exam, assessment, and blood flow ultrasound. Plus, get a bonus gift for those intimate moments with that special someone. Learn more online where you can also schedule to visit one of their two Utah locations in Murray and St. George.

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