(The Daily Dish) Recently, with the increase in gas prices and food prices, many people are worried about the rising costs of utilities and energy. We have Aaron Parker here as an energy and solar expert from Greenify Energy Savers!

Rocky Mountain Power, Utah’s largest electric provider announced a rate increase that goes into effect on May 1st, just 2 weeks from now. Aaron indicates that it is just a guess, but he anticipates this could be the first of many rate increases coming in the future.

The #1 goal of Greenify Energy Savers is to provide a solar solution to save the people of Utah money. With a 26% Federal Tax Credit, and the State of Utah kicking in an additional $800 for any residential home, they strive to provide a solution where the homeowner can essentially eliminate their power bill and replace it with a solar payment that is less than your current power bill. And guess what the best part is?  If they can save the average homeowner even just $5-$10 a month now, that savings is likely to grow to $50-$100 per month 5, 10, 20 years down the road. The savings rate is expected to be exponential. 

Aaron use’s this analogy all the time, he say’s when he was in High School he owned a lawn mowing business. He filled up his 1-gallon gas can for $.89. Unfortunately, Today we are looking looking at gas prices at $4.50 a gallon! If he had a way to store 10,000 gallons and bought it for $.89 a gallon and could sell it today at $4.50 a gallon he would turn a hefty profit. That is the opportunity we all have available with Solar. They can “pre-purchase” electricity to protect ourselves against inflation and certain price increases.

The vast majority of clients with Greenify Energy Savers, actually start with an energy evaluation to see the best places to assist people and help reduce their energy consumption. It seems backward for a “solar company” to do this, but their slogan is “Reduce, then Produce”, meaning do what you can to reduce your usage first and then go solar. This energy audit can also include a full thermal imaging scan of your home to see where your home is leaking money.

Based on the results of the energy audit they then can make recommendations to the homeowners to help save energy costs with things such as a radiant barrier, energy efficient windows, attic insulation, tankless water heaters and more!

Each home is unique and will have its own challenges, so recommendations definitely vary from house to house and will come with a plan that is individually customized. The greatest thing about this thermal imaging scan and the energy efficiency upgrades is they help make the house more comfortable. 

It is that time of year when the temperatures rise outside and for some of us that means our AC could be running all day and all night and they just can’t get their home to a comfortable temperature. Greenify Energy Savers can help with that!

Combining all of these energy efficiency upgrades and solar together creates a solution that is impossible to beat! Visit their website or give them a call at (801) 948-4464.

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