A smile is an essential part of how people see themselves

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Your smile is an essential part of how you see yourself, and if you don’t feel confident in it, it can diminish your confidence overall. Improving your smile can give a boost to your confidence. If nothing else, this can change your life, helping you feel better about yourself. MOD Mouth is an alternative treatment to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults.

MOD Mouth is much different from other clear aligner companies. Their fees are significantly lower than the competition, and things like revisions, refinements (one is included free with each case), and replacements are also lower than competitors. Even better, their fee schedule is simple and transparent.

MOD Mouth is a robust system of clear aligner therapy that uses the most modern digital technologies and AI to design and treatment plan an assorted mix of malocclusion, ranging from simple crowding and spacing to advanced class II, Class III, and extraction cases depending on the knowledge and expertise of the dentist, along with and in conjunction with other adjunctive techniques ie. elastics, buttons and wires.

MOD Mouth believes that the fit, engagement, and clarity of their plastic is above their competitors. Aside from the attachments that are commonly recommended, people will hardly notice that you’re wearing clear aligners. They also know that clear aligners are amongst the most comfortable in the market. MOD Mouth recommends a one to two week wear time per step dependent on complications of movement. Changing trays too quickly can result in more discomfort and a loss of tracking.

MOD Mouth is available for all licensed dentists in the United States and its territories and will soon be expanding into other countries around the globe. They have been featured on news segments and in print articles around the country to help promote awareness and drive growth and new patients into provider practices.

MOD Mouth is modernizing the clear aligner space. Ask your dentist about MOD Mouth or visit MOD Mouth today for more information.

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