ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – As summer wraps up, it’s time to take action to fix all the damage the summer sun and heat, chlorine, wind and everything else has done to our hair. We visited Lunatic Fringe in St. George for some end of summer haircare tips.

The heat, the wind, and even the smoke from recent fires are damaging our hair. Fortunately there’s a treatment available that is great for all hair types, according to Sarah Boling with Lunatic Fringe, St. George.

Sarah demonstrated a deep hair cleanse that takes care of the impurities, the chlorine build up, the pollution buildup and the smoke buildup that gets stuck in the hair. It’s a cleanse that works for all hair types and it doesn’t weigh down the hair either. It adds shine and volume to the hair. Sarah says there’s a scrub that’s also good for the scalp, using sea salt and minerals to rejuvenate and balance out the scalp.

Lunatic Fringe is an office Kerastase haircare products salon. Sarah says they are such amazing, quality products using high quality ingredients.

Centrally located in the heart of the St. George historic district in Ancestor Square, Lunatic Fringe St. George has some of the most innovative and well-educated group of stylists in the industry. With a strong emphasis on continued education, the Lunatic Fringe St. George team is full of contemporary and motivated visionaries, prepared to make professional recommendations to help guests look and feel their best.

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