8 items to check on your car before winter is officially here

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(The Daily Dish) Jiffy Lube is known for its quick Signature Service® Oil Change, but some may not realize that Jiffy Lube can inspect and maintain many other vital components of your vehicle. Our other services include Brakes, Tires, Belts, Batteries, Headlights and more at select locations.

Today, we had Nick Martin with Jiffy Lube at the studio to talk about preparing your vehicle for winter. Not only do freezing temperatures, snow and ice contribute to hazardous driving conditions, they can take a toll on vehicle parts and systems.

Jiffy Lube recommends checking your vehicle to ensure the essentials, such as engine fluids and vehicle parts, are ready to brave the elements. We have created a list of what should be checked and why. Details below:

  • Engine Oil: Engine oil is important because it reduces friction between moving parts and cleans away harmful contaminants. It should be checked regularly, and if recommended by your vehicle manufacturer, changed in preparation for cold-weather. As part of the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change, they will change the oil with up to five (5) quarts of quality motor oil, replace the oil filter, and more.
  • Serpentine Belt: The serpentine belt connects vital components of your vehicle. In cold weather, a serpentine belt may become brittle and easy to break, especially if old. Jiffy Lube offers Serpentine Belt services. They’ll visually inspect the serpentine belt for fraying, splitting, or any other damage. If necessary, they’ll remove the current belt and install a new one.
  • Tires: Worn or under-inflated tires could cause a vehicle to slip on slick ice, rain or snow-covered roads. Your tire pressure will drop approximately one pound per square inch for every 10 degree drop in temperature. The Jiffy Lube technicians can perform a tire inspection to see if your tires are low on pressure, or are worn or damaged. They sell tires a wide tire selection at competitive prices and also offer Tire Installation at select locations.
  • Brakes: Your brakes are an essential part of your daily drives, especially when poor weather leaves the roads slick. Keep peace of mind with regular brake inspections. At Jiffy Lube, they’ll perform a visual inspection of your brake system, measure the brake pads and provide a service recommendation.
  • Radiator Antifreeze: The condition of Antifreeze fluid has a direct effect on the temperature at which it freezes. They will replace old antifreeze with new antifreeze that helps your radiator work properly and last longer.
  • Wiper Blades: Worn windshield wipers and low wiper fluid levels can pose a serious safety hazard in white out conditions. They’ll visually inspect your wipers for wear, and, if necessary, remove and install new, high-quality wipers. They will also check your wiper fluid levels, and top off with de-icer.
  • Battery: Getting stranded with a dead battery during the winter can lead to a dangerous situation. Having a Jiffy Lube technician do a Battery Diagnostic Service is a quick, easy way to long-lasting peace of mind. They’ll inspect and test your battery and charging system components on a machine that lets you know with a high degree of confidence how much life is left in it. Then, if a replacement is needed, they’ll recommend the right replacement battery.
  • Headlights: Getting caught in a snow storm with inadequate headlights is an avoidable hazard. A Jiffy Lube technicians will inspect your exterior lights, and can either perform a Cleaning service or Replacement service as necessary.

Check out the Jiffy Lube website for coupons, locations and additional information to make sure you are prepared for winter.

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