SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (The Daily Dish) – Celebrating Earth Day this year with sustainable products has never been more exciting with Saltverk’s unique and delicious hand-harvested salt from Iceland. Amy Veal, a salt maker from Saltverk, shared the company’s sustainability story and the quality of their product.

Veal shared that their salt is made using geothermal energy, where water that’s just below boiling point comes out of the ground at about 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is then placed in a series of pipes in their salt case, where it slowly evaporates to form dense and heavy salt brine or salt crystals that eventually fall to the bottom.

One of Saltverk’s premium products is their smoked salt, which Veal shared is an ancient tradition in Iceland. The salt is smoked over a series of days, making it a little smoother and more flavorful than other smoked salts available in the market. It’s no wonder why Michelin-starred restaurants and top chefs worldwide are surprised by the flavor and quality of Saltverk’s products. Even Gordon Ramsay’s team was interested in Salt Virk’s product, and he even visited their production facility for his National Geographic Show, “Uncharted.”

Angan Skincare, the sister beauty brand of Saltverk, is also dedicated to producing sustainable products. The brand cleverly utilizes Saltverk’s byproduct to create some of their luxurious bath salts and salt scrubs, all producer with ‘zero waste.’

Saltverk’s  products are available on their website, and are perfect for those who want to celebrate Earth Day with sustainable products that are both delicious and of high quality.