(The Daily Dish) Christmas has come and gone on the Calendar but the giving spirit is still going strong in Utah. Watch as Box Elder High School makes a sizable donation to a Charity of their choice!

Deena Marie is at Box Elder High School with Derek Davidson, Student Officer, Box Elder High School, and Cpl. Michael Soholt, Coordinator for Toys for Tots Northern Utah to watch as they receive a check as a donation that the students have gathered!

The students at Box Elder High school enjoy supporting charities in Utah, with their research they found that Toys for Tots had everything that they were looking for; Money goes directly to the kids, nothing off the top, out there to help and not get money for themselves.

Toys for Tots was started in 1947 by a Marine Corp’s Reserve major and his wife who saw a need to help children after WW2. They started it in LA and by the same time the following year their plight had spread across the country. Their wishes had also been picked up by the Commander who then gave it as a direct mission for the Marine Corps to carry out every single year. Now, every year at the same time, they collect donations of toys and money to help children and families in need. In the past year, they’ve helped at least 200 families, in just the Northern Utah/Logan Division.

If you would like to learn more about Toys for Tots and how you can donate, visit their website.