SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (The Daily Dish) – As the kitten season begins, Best Friends Animal Society is hosting its annual kitten shower this weekend. The event aims to raise awareness about the influx of kittens during this time of year and to encourage fostering and adoption.

Pat Theobald, manager of Community Engagement at Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City, said that the organization gets a lot of kittens every year, and they have to get creative with naming them to ensure they all have different names. Theobald also explained that kitten season is the time of year when outdoor cats are having their kittens, and many people try to bring them into the shelter for care.

During the kitten shower, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about fostering and adoption, including demonstrations of bottle feeding newborn kittens. The event will also feature other foster caregivers who can share their experiences with potential foster parents.

“Fostering might be a great plan if you want all the cuteness without the long-time commitment,” Theobald said. “If we can have the community take care of them instead of having them in the shelter, it’s just better for everyone.”

The kitten shower is open to everyone and will take place at Best Friends Animal Society’s Lifesaving Center in Salt Lake City from noon until 6 pm on Saturday. Those interested can also learn more about the event on the organization’s website.

As the event approaches, Best Friends Animal Society is also reminding people to let outdoor kittens stay with their mothers if they are being cared for. If the kittens are trapped, they can be taken to a shelter to be fixed and either adopted or released back into their natural habitat.