SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – One attorney, turned author is writing about his experiences as a public defender and is basing his books off of what he’s seen during his career. Ralph Dellapiana has been working as an attorney for the last 25 years. His book, Twice a Victim, is the first in a series of novels featuring the Sisterhood, which is a a secret band of vigilante women who get justice for abused women when the legal system fails.

Twice a Victim is a legal suspense novel, where unlikely allies come together to save a woman named Kala who’s accused of murder from a fate she does not deserve. Kala is so scared of her husband, Afa’s, wrath, she’d rather risk life in prison than testify against him. Kala’s lawyer, a burned out and overworked Public defender, will need to call on all his experience to try to clear Kala, but Afa isn’t going down without a fight. Victim advocate, Mia Montes, risks her own career to help Kala. But even if she’s found innocent, Kala may never be free of the man who now wants her dead, so Mia calls on The Sisterhood, a secret band of vigilante women for help.

Dellapiana says he has more books in the works. Next year, My Sister’s Keeper will be released. In this book the the Sisterhood, is called upon by one of their own to investigate the suspicious disappearance of a teenage girl. Their investigation discovers that the girl was kidnapped by an international human traffickers. The women of The Sisterhood tap into their network of female agents to try to locate and rescue the missing girl, and to stop the violence they’re seeing once and for all. You can purchase Ralph Dellapiana’s books wherever books are sold online.