SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (The Daily Dish) – The AI International Film Festival is set to kick off tomorrow, featuring projects from nearly 30 countries. This year’s event promises to be a high-powered, informative gathering of industry leaders from around the world. The festival will feature a wide range of films, including comedies, documentaries, thrillers, and mysteries, all created using AI technology.

To help facilitate discussion around the impact of AI on society, the festival will also host a panel discussion titled “ChatGPT and the Future of Humans” featuring industry experts from South Africa, Switzerland, and Chile, as well as representatives from the University of Utah.

In addition to the panel discussion, the festival has made passes available for the public, thanks to the support of generous donors. Those interested in attending can visit the festival’s website to claim their free pass.

Bert Holland, the festival’s executive director, noted that technology changes quickly and that the festival is an opportunity to stay at the forefront of the latest developments. “We wanted to see what filmmakers and creative visionaries imagine for our future,” Holland said. “And we’ve got the biggest variety you can imagine from all over the world, all completely AI.”

AI International Film Festival May 11 – 14

Tickets are limited so get yours now. 

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3. Use  PROMO code ‘UTAH4’ (all caps) to get your free pass.