SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (The Daily Dish) – Actress Lilah Fitzgerald, best known for her breakthrough leading role in the live-action Monster High film franchise, recently spoke about her busy career and upcoming projects.

When asked about her favorite project she has worked on, Fitzgerald struggled to choose just one, but ultimately named her role in the upcoming series “Lucky Hank “as her favorite. The show follows Bob Odenkirk’s character as he experiences a midlife crisis at an underfunded college, and Fitzgerald plays one of the English Department’s students.

Fitzgerald also spoke about the upcoming Monster High movie, which has been renewed for another installment. She revealed that everything has been stepped up for the sequel, including the dances and songs, and she believes the cast is ready to make something truly special.

In addition to her acting career, Fitzgerald is also a ballerina, which she believes has helped her with her onscreen dance performances. She explained that while classical ballet and commercial dance are very different, her ballet training has given her the basics to pick up choreography quickly and execute it with technique and style.

Fitzgerald is also a busy author, with her debut novel “Stars and Swashbucklers” set to release on April 4th. The book is a futuristic fantasy that follows a girl on a sailing trip across a shattered Earth that has become a series of islands floating between the stars. Fitzgerald revealed that the book was inspired by a dream she had and that she has been telling stories her whole life, but felt it was time to create her own story.

Fans can follow Fitzgerald on social media to keep up with all her future projects.