SANDY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Athletes and celebrities have enjoyed access to vitamin IV therapy for many years. Now, it’s becoming more mainstream and more available to the general public. The DRIPBaR in Sandy, is one of Utah’s newest locations offering vitamin IV drop therapy. The DRIPBaR is a medically supervised infusion center that compounds nutrients onsite.

Ali Adams, the owner of The DRIPBaR Utah, says vitamin IV drip therapy is a quick way to feel better and more energized after exercise or a night of festivities. Although vitamin IV therapy does not cure illnesses, there is research that suggests the therapy may help people recover quicker from illnesses or help build a healthier immune system.

The DRIPBaR offers 18 IV Lifestyle or Health Support drips and can also get a boost in just five minutes with one of its seven IM Quick Shots.

The DRIPBar Utah is offering 50% off all purchase on your 1st visit. Let them know ABC4’s The Daily Dish sent you.

11348 South State Street, Sandy (next to Scheels)