SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – A new book, “10 Strategies to Purchase Property Post-Pandemic” by Lauren and Andrew Lieb, offers readers real estate industry insight, essential legal information and practical pro-tips to make decisions regarding real estate transactions.

“As real estate people, we quickly realized that the pandemic was a great disrupter to real estate, and it would cause investment opportunities to appear everywhere.” said co-author Andrew M. Lieb, Esq., MPH. “Initially, it caused city-dwellers to escape to the suburbs and countryside, which deflated the city’s real estate valuations and boomed prices everywhere else. Then, distressed properties popped when the federal and state moratoriums on foreclosures and evictions ran their course and the floodgates opened exposing the 1 in 5 renters behind on rent and just over 10 million homeowners behind on mortgage payments.”

According to Lieb, the book details everything that an investor needs to know from the time that they say I want to invest to the moment that they close on their purchase. Some example tips covered in the book include:

Skill: Setting Your Bottom Line (How to budget, appraise real estate, and establish your top dollar for a purchase that you are considering).

Skill: Legal Landmines (Purchasing real estate involves many ancillary issues that you never thought about, like entity structuring, raising money, title defects, working with licensed professionals, discrimination law, and land use).

Skill: Invisible Factors (How to negotiate terms beyond price, such as the closing date, mortgage contingencies, included personal property, and excluded fixtures).

Skill: Agreements Beget Agreements (Losing on a specific term can help you to win a great overall deal).

Skill: Formalizing the Agreement (A complete overview of a typical real estate contract with every term spelled out in plain English so that you can make smart decisions rather than blindly relying on standard forms and professional advice alone).

About Andrew M. Lieb
Andrew M. Lieb is the author of the new book, “10 Strategies to Purchase Property Post-Pandemic: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing. He is also the Managing Attorney of Lieb at Law, P.C.,( with a practice focus on litigation and regulatory compliance. Mr. Lieb provides a wide range of legal services on topics as real estate brokerage license law litigation / compliance, fair housing and discrimination litigation / compliance, employment disputes, residential and commercial landlord / tenant needs.