Winning or losing? New scoreboard displays Utah’s fight against COVID-19

Coronavirus Updates

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Every day ABC4 News tells you about the latest Covid-19 case numbers and positive percentages but it’s difficult to understand how well the State of Utah is handling this pandemic. Now like at a football game, there’s a scoreboard that displays exactly how we’re doing and the numbers necessary to win. 

It’s called the Unified Response Scoreboard and it displays current health and economic data of where we are and goals of where we need to be. The green numbers show goals we’re meeting, the red numbers, areas we need to improve.

“Now that we’re six months into this pandemic, what are the man things we need to focus on?” Utah Department of Health Director Rich Saunders asked a news conference revealing the website Thursday. “What do we need to measure and how do we make the right difference?”

The Master Goals are to keep out Case Fatality Ratio, currently at .78 percent, below one percent. A secondary goal is to keep new cases below 400 a day. One way to do that is to keep our positive test percentage below 10 percent.

“The goal is to be able to contain the outbreak to less than 10, 90 percent of the time,” Saunders said. “So we feel like if we can accomplish that goal then we can help slow the spread and have an effective outcome for public health.”

Taylor Randall, the Dean of the Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, says the keys to maintaining the economic rebound are consumer confidence and jobs, keeping our unemployment rate below 4.5 percent and assistance claims below 50,000.

“We think the number one measure is to make people have jobs and we want to maintain and sustain a four percent unemployment rate,” Randall said. “This is an economic crisis like no other in that it is also a health crisis.”

To check out the Unified Response Scoreboard for yourself, go to

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