(ABC4) – Since December, Americans have been receiving COVID-19 vaccines after nearly a year-long fight against the pandemic.

Despite vaccine accessibility, and numerous efforts on the national and state level, the U.S. is expected to fall short of President Joe Biden’s goal of having 70% of adults vaccinated by July 4.

As of June 20, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 149.7 million Americans are fully vaccinated. Of those, 143.9 million are adults over the age of 18, meaning just less than 56% of adults in the U.S. are fully vaccinated.

While that is just 14% short of the national goal, vaccination rates have slowed in recent weeks. Here is a look at Utah’s daily rate of vaccine administration since December.

Over that time period, Utah has administered 2.79 million of the 3.22 million vaccines that have been delivered to the state. In total, 1.35 million Utahns are fully vaccinated. According to the Utah Department of Health, as of June 20, 51.9% of Utahns over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated, with 60.5% of the same age group receiving at least one dose.

So who is receiving the vaccine in Utah?

According to UDOH, Summit County has the highest rate of people fully vaccinated at 63.9%, or over 26,900 individuals. Summit County is seeing a moderately high rate of COVID-19 daily cases, reporting a moderately high rate of new COVID-19 cases over the last 14 days.

Utah’s most populous county, Salt Lake County, has the second-greatest rate at 46.6%, a near 17% difference. That is equivalent to just over 541,000 individuals that have been fully vaccinated. UDOH is reporting Salt Lake County is seeing a high rate of new COVID-19 cases reported over a two-week period.

Uintah, Duchesne, and Daggett counties – all neighboring Summit County – are reporting between 20% to 30% fully vaccinated. For UDOH vaccination tracking, these counties are tracked as the TriCounty area, representing the TriCounty Health Department. As a group, all three counties are reporting just over 14,000 fully vaccinated.

Uintah is reporting a very high rate of new COVID-19 cases over 14 days while Duchesne and Daggett counties are seeing a high rate and 1-5 cases rate, respectively.

Counties in the Central Utah and Southeast Utah Health Departments are reporting vaccination rates between 30% and 40%, as is San Juan County. While San Juan County is seeing a 1-5 new COVID-19 case rate, other counties in central and southern Utah are seeing a variety of 14-day case rates.

Below is the COVID-19 14-day incidence map, courtesy of UDOH.

All other counties are reporting between 40% and 50% fully vaccinated.

San Juan County has the fewest fully vaccinated individuals at 5,564.

In Utah, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been delivered and administered the most. Over 703,000 Utahns have been fully vaccinated with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, while over 518,000 are fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine.

Just over 123,000 Utahns have received the Johnson & Johnson, or Janssen, vaccine.

Here is a look at the age breakdown of who is getting vaccinated in Utah:

Age GroupPeople Received at Least One DosePercent Received at Least One DosePeople Fully VaccinatedPercent Fully Vaccinated
Courtesy UDOH

UDOH is also tracking the race/ethnicity of individuals eligible to receive the vaccine, and how many received their dose.

Here is a look of the vaccination rate breakdown by race/ethnicity:

Race/EthnicityPeople Fully VaccinatedPercent Fully Vaccinated% of Eligible Population% of All Vaccinated People
American Indian/Alaska Native13,14723.8%2.1%1%
Black/African American12,19723.9%1.9%1%
Hispanic or Latino125,73734.8%13.6%9.7%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander8,77923.3%1.4%0.7%
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino986,25848.2%77.2%72.6%
Other race41,1823.4%

While most mass vaccination sites are closing or have closed, you still have options to receive your COVID-19 vaccine. For more information, visit UDOH.