SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Everyone who has potentially been exposed to COVID-19 is not being tested in Utah, even with increased testing.

A Utah restaurant closed down temporarily after one of its workers tested positive for the coronavirus. An employee who has been in direct contact with the worker who tested positive, spoke out to ABC4 News.

That person, whose identity ABC4 News will not release, says they don’t have any symptoms and was told to self-isolate by their job.

“I return back to work next week and I just want to make sure that I don’t have anything to get anybody else sick,” said the employee.

For that reason, the person says they tried to get tested for COVID-19, not only to protect themselves, but for the safety of others and future customers.

ABC4 News can confirm that the person reached out to two different healthcare providers and went to for an assessment.

The subject was denied a test all three times and told to quote, “stay home and take care of yourself.”

“They told me as long as I don’t have any symptoms I will not get tested.”

During Friday’s press briefing, ABC4’s Brittany Johnson told Governor Gary Herbert about this case and another one similar.

“Both scenarios that you’ve mentioned should not in fact be occurring,” he said. “Anyone who has symptoms for sure should be able to be tested. Likewise, those who have been exposed to somebody who has tested for COVID-19, also should be able to be tested.”

“We can’t trust the test if you don’t have symptoms,” Dr. Angela Dunn, the state epidemiologist said, during the same press briefing. “There’s a very big false positive and false negative rate for the test if somebody doesn’t even have symptoms, so we recommend someone having symptoms before getting tested.”

“I hope I’m not sick. I don’t want to die from something that I don’t really know if I have or not. It’s kind of scary,” said the restaurant worker.

Following Friday’s press conference, we reached out to the governor’s office for clarification. We were told with the new testing, if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, or if you have one of the symptoms, you can be tested.