UTAH (ABC4) – Salt Lake Community recently lifted its COVID-19 vaccine requirement on Thursday, but some colleges in Utah are still requiring it.

University of Utah

Students who attend the University of Utah are required to be fully vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, and COVID-19.

Students who do not comply by either showing that they have received the vaccines or indicated a reasonable exemption will have a “hold” placed on their record that will prevent registration for future classes.

Utah State University

USU announced that all students would be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 for Spring Semester 2022.

USU did however announce that for the Fall Semester 2022 students will not be required to have the vaccine.

Weber State University

Weber State University announced that it will require COVID-19 vaccinations for all students, except for concurrent enrollment students and students who qualify for an exemption, for the 2022 spring semester.

Westminster College

Westminster requires all its employees and students to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption.

Utah Valley University

UVU announced that the COVID-19 vaccine is required for all students for the Spring 2022 semester.

Dixie State and Southern Utah University

Both colleges have never required the COVID-19 for staff or students.

BYU and Ensign College

BYU announced they will discontinue the requirement for students and employees to report their vaccination status. The University says they still encourage vaccinations and boosters.

BYU and Ensign College have never required the vaccine for students but have always strongly encouraged it.