SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Most people in Utah are trying their best to fight the onslaught of coronavirus. Stay at home, stay safe, some people are working, others are not. Now the rent is due. What should you do?

The Utah housing coalition is asking everyone to be fair with each other. Asking tenants landlords to act in good faith.

In a press release, the coalition reminds people that rent still needs to be paid, and asking landlords to make modifications to support those in need. Any arrangements should be documented by both the renter and the landlord.

Tenants are reminded that Utah does NOT have a full market-wide moratorium to stop eviction proceedings. Rental obligations and evictions can still proceed forward with eviction notices and further into the court system.

There are some types of property and federally subsidized leases that are under protection within the Federal CARES Act Eviction Moratorium but not all leases are covered.

The Utah Housing Coalition offers these tips for tenants:

  1. Ask if the property you are renting is covered under the Federal Cares Act Eviction Moratorium
  2. Communicate: You must communicate, talk with your landlord ASAP. Communicate early, Often and be consistent. Tell them your ability to pay some or a portion of the rent when it is due. If it is not complete by the due date, set arrangements for what you can do.
  3. Document Everything: When making any arrangement or agreement to any negotiation, make sure that all the terms are documented through email, text, a lease portal or a handwritten/signed contract.
  4. Cooperate: Any agreements that are made, do your best to complete and follow through with the alternative arrangements that are agreed upon.
  5. Document all payments and any and all continued agreements.

Here are the requests being asked of landlords.

  1. We ask you to make arrangements for payments if tenants cannot pay 100% of their rent
  2. We ask you to be considerate while making decisions about ANY arrangements or agreements with tenants
  3. We ask you to be considerate while making decisions about ANY arrangements or agreements with tenants

The Utah Housing Coalition is also asking everyone to remember we are in uncharted times and everyone is feeling on edge, remember we are all in this together. Please stay calm, keep consistent, and keep communicating.

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