What percentage of people have recovered from coronavirus?

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Courtesy: John Hopkins

(ABC4 News) — As the world waits to see how the coronavirus pandemic will pan out, many remain uncertain of the statistics surrounding the virus, which can be difficult since they are constantly changing.

Here is a simple breakdown of what we can learn from John Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

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As of Monday morning, the Resource Center reported 1,309,439 total confirmed cases of the virus worldwide, 273,546 total recoveries, and 72,638 total deaths.

Using these numbers, it appears that about 20.9 percent of those with confirmed cases have recovered, while 5.5 percent have died from the virus worldwide.

But these numbers don’t necessarily tell the whole story. For example, due to current limits on testing, there is no way to know the actual number of coronavirus cases worldwide. Knowing the actual number would likely change the recovery and death percentages.

The United States is currently leading the world with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases at 347,003. However, Italy appears to have the highest percentage of deaths in relation to confirmed cases in the country at about 12.3 percent.

In the United States, 2.9 percent of confirmed cases have resulted in death so far. The graphic below from John Hopkins University shows the countries with the highest death percentages, not necessarily the most deaths overall.

Courtesy: John Hopkins

The next graph shows the curve of the virus by country in terms of daily confirmed new cases. According to John Hopkins, countries are working to “flatten the curve.” Reducing the number of new cases each day would do that. Out of the listed countries, the United States appears to have the steepest curve in number of daily new cases.

Courtesy: John Hopkins

Visit John Hopkin University’s Coronavirus Resource Center to follow the most up-to-date COVID-19 statistics.

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