SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Utah’s new plan, Utah Leads Together 3.0 will address the damage done to Utah’s economy during the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the vulnerable.

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The first plan established three economic phases; the second plan revealed a color-coded health guidance as Utah prepared to re-open, and now the third plan builds upon the other two while protecting those most at risk.

Utah Leads Together 3.0 focuses on these three areas:

  1. Follow public health guidelines
  2. Stay engaged with the economy
  3. Assist those in need

The plan highlights the importance of protecting Utah’s high-risk population defined as those 65 and older or those with underlying medical conditions.

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The plan focuses on the disparities in Utah’s population in response to the crisis. The state health department data shows a higher rate of infection amongst Utah’s Hispanic, Latinos, and Pacific islanders. In response, a Multi-cultural task force was created to help these communities.

The task force plans to accomplish the following:

  • Increase language accessible information – Through translation, interpretation, and literacy skills considerations.
  • Assist in the coordination of disseminating information – Through non-traditional channels for mass access.
  • Increase service engagement in underserved communities – To address essential needs (food and social services).
  • Increase efforts for economic sustainability among diverse businesses

The last portion of the 3.0 plan focuses on Utah’s economic recovery.

At the start of the pandemic, Governor Herbert named an Economic Task Force to mitigate the economic impact the coronavirus has on Utah.

In nine weeks, initial unemployment claims tallied approximately 150,000, wiping out more than a full three years of Utah job growth.

In the 3.0 plan, the task force has recommended a framework for economic recovery including guiding principles for Utahns to return to work and suggestions to capitalize on several exising economic trends (starting on page 13).

“As we launch Utah Leads Together 3.0, I assure you that we will continue to be smart and safe as
we reactivate the economy. Be proud, Utah. Thanks to your efforts, we have come far in battling this
virus and I am confident that we will prevail as we work together. It is working, Utah. Stay Strong!” Governor Herbert said.

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