Weber Co. man recovers from COVID-19, shares his story and anxieties

Coronavirus Updates

WEBER COUNTY (ABC4 News) – Antonio Cruz Martinez is a Weber County resident who has recovered from COVID-19. Now he’s sharing his story and warning people to take the virus and social distancing seriously.

Self isolating, it’s something most of us have been doing for a few weeks even though it may feel like a lifetime. Well, for Antonio Cruz Martinez, it’s something he started in early March and he’s still going through challenges after recovering from COVID-19.

This is what normal was for Antonio Cruz Martinez, aka DJ Battleship.

That all changed to being in his spare bedroom, closest to the bathroom, when he had to be quarantined after contracting the novel coronavirus.

Martinez believes he got the virus while DJing in Park City in early March.

“This was kind of before everyone was self-quarantining and the state was still open for business everywhere,” said Martinez.

He had high-grade fever and was hospitalized. He says he was so sick, he wrote a will out, preparing for the worst. Any friend he had contact with self-isolated. He says luckily, no one tested positive.

After recovering, he’s dealing with new anxieties, like unemployment.

“This was going to be a really big year for me, I was supposed to go Atlanta to DJ, Florida, and I was supposed to fly to a lot of cool places,” said Martinez.

Martinez says he hasn’t gotten a stimulus check yet, which makes him worry.

“The anxiety from being sick kind of hit me a little bit hard, I still get scared I have a fever or something it’s the weirdest thing I have never been one to have nightmares but I’ve had nightmares lately,” he said.

He says its important for people to take self-isolating seriously. Martinez says he worries for the elderly and doesn’t wish the coronavirus upon his worst enemy.

“I’m hoping that we can all recover from this,” said Martinez.

He says he’s trying to start a business and even though he has recovered, he’s unsure of what the future holds.


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