SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- With the coronavirus spreading across Utah, health leaders are asking people to limit gatherings and stay home, if possible.

The social-distancing mandate and virus is slowing business for some and temporarily closing down others leaving many wondering how they will survive financially.

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In order to mitigate the economic impact the coronavirus has on Utah, Governor Herbert has created an Economic Response Task Force for the state.

The task force will be led by Salt Lake Chamber President Derek Miller.

Miller said the focus of the group will be to protect jobs and assist those who have been adversely affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus.

“A dozen years ago, during the Great Recession, Utah set a goal to create 100,000 jobs in 1,000 days,” Miller said. “Working together, we accomplished that goal ahead of schedule. Utah was able to come out of the recession faster and stronger than anywhere else because Utah’s economic fundamentals were strong. Those fundamentals remain strong today as we face a new challenge to protect the jobs that have been created. Stated another way, the focus on this Economic Response Task Force will be to Protect 100,000 jobs over the days ahead.”

Here are some resources that have already been made available:

Lost your job? Hours reduced? Get help from the Department of Workforce Services. Call 801-526-WORK, visit one of their locations or go to their website to file unemployment or find other resources.

Salt Lake County Mayor Mendenhall outlined federal programs that will provide funds through the Small Business Administration and other agencies but the funds won’t be available for a couple weeks. To help bridge the gap, Mendenhall said that Tuesday she is asking the City Council to set aside $1 million to “mitigate the crisis,” and she encouraged city and state leaders to “work around the clock to support local businesses.”  

Available federal, state and local business resources are consolidated at

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