Utah (ABC4 News) – Utah will no longer send alerts to travelers phones when they exit or enter Utah borders.

Monday during Utah’s daily coronavirus press conference Joe Dougherty, Public Information Officer for the Utah Division of Emergency Management announced they will be turning off the wireless emergency system on Utah’s state lines.

The travel declaration was issued by Utah Governor Gary Herbert and put into effect Easter weekend. Three days into the declaration 8,000 successful reports were completed and 600 false alert complaints filed.

Officials report a majority of the false alerts were in the St. George and Vernal area.

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“Using the emergency wireless alert is a great and powerful system. However, it didn’t work exactly as we had hoped,” Dougherty said.

The alert system was officially canceled Monday at 12:17 p.m.

Dougherty said just because the wireless emergency alert system was turned off doesn’t mean Utahn’s don’t have to answer health questions.

The health survey will now be on message signs on certain roadway throughout the sate.

“The motorists will still be informed about the opportunity to fill out the health declaration survey, they just no longer will be receiving a wireless emergency alert.

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