Utah’s COVID-19 response team says mild side effects from vaccine are normal

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – After many months of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines are being distributed throughout the United States.

Nurses, the elderly, and many at-risk populations have at least received the first dose of the vaccine. While some have been excited to receive the vaccine, others are worried about the potential side effects.

The State of Utah COVID-19 response team says common side effects from vaccines “are usually nothing to worry about.”

During clinical trials, the state response team says side effects from the vaccine were “mostly mild and moderate.” Some of the effects they have seen include fever, headache, sore arm, or fatigue.

The response team added that allergic reactions to the vaccine are possible, but they are “very rare.”

Mild to moderate symptoms from the COVID-19 vaccine usually occurred after the 2nd dose rather than the 1st. The State response team says this happens because the vaccine takes 2 shots to give you the most protection. The body learns how to fight the disease more aggressively after the 2nd shot than it does after the 1st shot.

The state response team asks that the public talk to their doctor before getting vaccinated if they have had a serious allergic reaction to another vaccine, or if they are allergic to one of the ingredients in the vaccine.

As of Monday, the state response team says they have administered about 228,348 COVID-19 vaccines across Utah to-date. That’s an increase of 71,178 this past week.

The State has also created a COVID-19 transparency page where the public can learn more about how the vaccine is being distributed across the state.

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