Utah (ABC4) – Thursday, Utah Governor Spencer Cox addressed the state on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic during his monthly press conference. 

He announced due to the state’s vaccine availability, COVID-19 vaccine eligibility will be immediately available to Utahns 65 through 69. 

He says the state has made incredible progress on vaccinating Utah adults who are 70 years old or older.

In early February, Gov. Cox announced starting March 1, eligibility would be lowered from 70 and older to 65 and older. 

In addition, people over the age of 18 with one of the following underlying medical conditions will be eligible to receive their vaccines. 

Thursday he said registration will open early for those between the ages of 65 to 69. Registration for those with underlying health conditions will remain on March 1. 

“We’re very pleased with where we are,” Gov. Cox shares.

As vaccine eligibility continues, the state will continue using age-based categories. Vaccine eligibility also depends on the number of doses being manufactured and shipped. 

Gov. Cox says he hopes those who are 65 and older and those with underlying health conditions will be vaccinated by the end of March. 

With all the good news, Gov. Cox says it is not time to let up on mask-wearing. The COVID-19 variants pose a real threat and the state still has a way to go before we can remove our statewide mask mandate. 

Gov. Cox says he is optimistic about Utah’s COVID-19 vaccination timeline. He says the state is using data and projections that are available to them to make decisions but says the state is already far ahead of original projections from 2020.