POLCENIGO, Italy (ABC4 News) – It’s been less than two weeks since Britt Wilson of Syracuse, Utah returned to Italy.

“I am in Polcenigo. In the Friuli region from the heart of the outbreak,” she shares.

Wilson has lived in Italy for the past two years.

“My husband manages the golf course at Aviano at the Air Force Base. So, we are civilians.”

Wilson was just in Utah a few weeks ago to spend time with her ill father. Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she isn’t able to return to the Beehive state since Italy is on lockdown.

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“My father has since passed, and I can’t go home for his funeral.”

Wilson shares what life is like in lockdown to try and help limit the spread of the illness.

“The hospital near us Pordenone Hospital emergency room is so full and their ICU is so full.”

As a result, she can’t even move freely outside her home. Wilson says she has to show a Declaration of Movement if pulled over for something simple like going to the grocery store.

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“We have to have a document to travel stating basically we have to have an appointment we’re going to,” she explained. “We have to have a good reason to leave our homes.”

In a video shared with ABC4, Italian police can be heard telling people to stay in their homes as officers ride around a neighborhood in Pasiano di Pordenone.

Wilson has this warning for everyone in the Beehive state.

“I hope Utahns take it serious.”

Wilson says she isn’t sick with COVID-19, and she’s been told the lockdown is scheduled to last until April 3rd.