Will SUU require proof of COVID-19 vaccination next year?

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CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Southern Utah University is asking for the community’s input on a possible vaccination requirement for the 2022 Spring semester and students have mixed feelings about it.

“It would be a peace of mind for myself, other students and also parents, for people hosting events, or when they’re in close corridors, that most people are vaccinated, that way they can at least have some sort of protection from this virus,” says Paola Chavez, a student at SUU.

“Some people just don’t want to get it and I think, that should be their right, if they don’t want to get it then they shouldn’t have to get it,” says Braden Burge, a student at SUU.

SUU is conducting five online forums, three for faculty and staff and two for students, to gather information on whether the community is for or against proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

“We welcome everyone’s input on this, we want everyone to feel like their voice is heard, that everyone has the opportunity to give us their thoughts and opinions on it,” says Jared Tippets, the Vice President of Student Affairs.

According to the Utah System of Higher Education, people can opt-out for medical, religious, or just personal reasons.

“Really all you have to do is reach out, get the form, say ‘ok I don’t want this’ and they can’t do anything about it, so they might as well not have it at that point,” says Burge.

University leaders say two forums are complete and students have until September 14th to share their opinions.

“Utah State and the University of Utah, Weber State, UVU, have all put one in place and down here we are all investigating and exploring it and we will also make a similar decision, we just haven’t made the decision yet,” says Tippets.

But for now, SUU is recommending masking-up on campus and following CDC guidelines.

“I am concerned I can still get COVID and you know it could effect me in a bad way, it could not affect me at all, but I do have a life, you know I have to school for 2 weeks, I have to go to work, so I will continue to protect myself even if I am vaccinated,” says Chavez.

SUU is also hosting free vaccination events throughout the Fall semester this year. For more information click here.

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