SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Unemployment in Utah remains high reaching over $75 million paid in benefits last week.

Utah had 5,452 new claims filed for unemployment during the week of May 31 to June 6 with 91,148 weekly claims filed during that same week for a total of $25,840,982 paid in traditional benefits.

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An additional $48,284,790 of the $600 weekly stimulus was paid, as well as $1,080,293 in federally funded extended payments for a total of $75,206,065 benefits paid during the week.

1,674 new Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims were submitted.

“We have again seen a persistently high number of new and continued claims for unemployment
benefits, however, we are also glad to see thousands stop requesting the benefit every week,”
said Kevin Burt, Unemployment Insurance Division director for the Utah Department of
Workforce Services. “While the unemployment benefit has provided stability for many Utahns, it
is an important reminder that it is also very temporary. We will continue to work towards getting
claimants back to work and connected to the stability of employment.”

The number of individuals who ended their unemployment insurance claims on May 30
was 6,617 whereas 7,707 ended their claim last week.

The three industries that saw the highest percentage of claims

  • Office and Administrative Support (14.7%)
    Management Occupations (10%)
  • Sales and Related Occupations (8.6%)

The five counties in Utah that had the highest number of individuals file new claims were:

  • Salt Lake (41%)
  • Utah (15%)
  • Davis (8.1%)
  • Weber (7.8%)
  • Washington (3.3%)

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returning to work.