DENVER, CO (ABC4) – FEMA has approved more than $10 million in additional Public Assistance funding for the COVID-19 response in Utah. The assistance was made available under a major disaster declaration issued on April 4, 2020. FEMA has provided more than $123.4 million for the Utah COVID-19 response to date. 

The $10 million was provided to the Utah Department of Health to support the state’s COVID testing activities, including the collection of samples from statewide community-based testing locations and the purchase of 10,000 saliva collection test kits distributed to the Utah Public Health Laboratory and the mobile response team. 

On October 1, FEMA approved over $292 million of COVID-19 assistance for Utah residents. The funds were distributed to Utah tribes, counties, cities, individuals, and other state and local partners.

The federal funding was made possible due to the major disaster declaration, which was issued for Utah on Apr. 4, 2020. Earlier in the year, FEMA increased reimbursement from 75 percent to 100 percent funding for projects related to the pandemic response, retroactive to January 20, 2020, under President Biden’s orders.