PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – As the number COVID-19 cases continues to grow in Utah, hospitals across the nation are seeing a major shortage of medical supplies, known as personal protective equipment.

Utah lawmakers are asking businesses to donate the much-needed materials to our health care professionals working on the front lines of the pandemic. One college group is answering the call.

Provo College donated medical supplies from its nursing program to local hospitals Tuesday. 

Todd Smith, Senior director of marketing for Eagle Gate College group, said “We have a program between the three Provo College campuses and over 1000 nursing students, our program director came up with a idea based on the shortage of medical supplies, and with our students not on campus right now so we felt like it was a good time to donate to the local hospitals.”

The donation total value is just over $3,000, of the needed items donated today are:

  1. N95 Face Masks
  2. Goggles
  3. Dust and Filter Masks
  4. Surgical Face Masks
  5. Ear Loop Masks
  6. Splash Shield Face Masks
  7. Surgical Mask with Plastic Shield
  8. Synthetic Surgical Gloves
  9. Latex Surgical Gloves
  10. Flexam Single Sterile Gloves
  11. Regular Gloves
  12. NitriDerm Nitrile Sterile Exam Gloves
  13. Hand Sanitizer Bottles
  14. Shoe Covers
  15. Bouffant Caps
  16. Isolation Gowns
  17. Surgical Gowns
  18. EZ ScrubBrushes
  19. Xray Lap Sponges
  20. Sanitizing Surface Wipes
  21. Rubbing Alcohol
  22. Insentive Spirometer
  23. Pediatric Non-Rebreather O2 Masks
  24. Biohazard Trash Bags

Utah Valley Hospital is just one of the medical facilities to receive supplies.

Provo College’s Layton campus made donations to Davis County Hospital, while the Murray campus made donations to an HCA facility.

Donations from Provo College Layton campus taken to Davis Co. Hospital

With the high risk of infection, the school and its current students know how important it is for medical staff to stay protected.

“As a nurse myself, so I’ve worked alongside the doctors in hospitals and approximately 75-80% of Provo College students are working in hospitals, so as their in the field, we need them protected,” said Stephanie Greenwood, Assistant Dean at Provo College.

Once the pandemic slows down, Provo College said they’ll need to eventually replace the donated supplies, but with the current heightened demand Smith said the supplies are much more beneficial to those in need.

Supplies from Provo College, Provo campus ready for delivery to Utah Valley hospital

But even with this generous donation, the need for supplies will remain as the number of COVID-19 cases rise throughout the state and the country. Greenwood told the nursing school is issuing a challenge to other nursing schools to hopefully open up their supply rooms and donate any unused supplies to their respective clinical partners so they have the protection they need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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