UTAH (ABC4) – With Omicron spreading rapidly, an over flux of Utahn’s racing to COVID-19 testing sites is causing strains on health resources.

On Friday, Gov. Cox. among other state leaders, announced new changes in regards to who should be tested and who should not.

Dr. Leisha Nolen, Utah’s state epidemiologist, says, “We need to use our COVID-19 tests to have the biggest impact. Right now, that is not in our general community or our schools.”

With the health department strained by the influx of testing, Utah’s Test to Stay Protocol for schools has been put on hold until the governor and legislative leaders can find the best approach.

Until Test to Stay resumes, schools have been advised to stress the importance of staying home if you are sick or have a positive test result and to follow the current isolation guidance from the Department of Health.

The Utah Department of Health along with the Utah Legislature says people who are symptomatic do not need to seek out testing and instead should isolate for five days.

Dr. Nolen also laid out who should seek testing in the state:

  • Those who have an underlying condition that puts them at high-risk for severe disease.
  • Those who are visiting a vulnerable individual.
  • Those who work in health care or a congregate living setting and have been exposed or are symptomatic.

Dr. Nolen says those who tested positive previously or are getting over symptoms and are seeking confirmation that the infection has passed should seek testing.