SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – The Utah Hospital Association is urging the governor to implement a statewide mask mandate to help slow of the spread of coronavirus.

Greg Bell, President and CEO of Utah Hospital Association, sent a letter to Governor Gary Herbert and legislative leaders Tuesday urging them to adopt a rule requiring Utahns to wear masks.

In the letter, Bell expressed pleasure about the resurgence of economic activity since the state began its reopening process, but he acknowledged the return to normal activities has come with a “serious increase of infection.”

“That increase is bringing impacts on hospitals and health care professionals which are unsustainable,” Bell said.

Bell said while the average length of hospital stay and mortality rate are improving, health care professionals are “alarmed” at the caseload projected in the coming weeks and months.

Two weeks ago, Utah hospitals launched #MaskUpUtah campaign to promote wearing masks among Utahns. Bell said they had hoped that with time many Utahns would get onboard with the concept, but it’s not happening quickly enough. That’s why they’re making the request now.

The Governor’s Office said Herbert plans to meet with Unified Command for Coronavirus Response Wednesday.