SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Avoiding large gatherings to protect the vulnerable amid the COVID-19 outbreak–That was the message Sunday from the Salt Lake County Health Department.

“If you’re in a vulnerable group, which right now is people older than 60 with underlying medical conditions, if you’re in that group, try to stay home as much as you can,” said Dr. Dagmar Vitek, Medical Director. “We like to socialize. We like to go to the restaurants and clubs, but know we have to realize that we can give it, we can give this COVID-19 to other people.”

On Saturday, nine additional cases of COVID-19 were announced in Salt Lake County bringing the county’s total to 14.

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All new cases are linked to travel or an infected case.

As cases increase and the possibility of community spread becomes more real… Dr. Vitek says not everyone will need to be tested.

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“Once it’s widespread, which we don’t see yet in Salt Lake County yet, but once it widespread, it really sort of loses its meaning because if you have the fever and the cough and shortness of breath, you can assume that you have it,” explains Dr. Vitek.

Of the 14 cases, 11 are adults. Three are children.