UTAH CORONAVIRUS: 710 new cases, 4 deaths Sunday

Coronavirus Updates

(ABC4) – On Sunday, February 14, the Utah Department of Health reports 710 new coronavirus cases.

There are 4 new deaths.

A total of 2,122,197 people have been tested, an increase of 4,635.

A total of 361,294 Utahns have tested positive for COVID-19.

The state reported 3,594,478  total tests. This is an increase of 9,686 since yesterday.

The state reports 524,000 total vaccines administered which is 11,811 more than yesterday.

UDOH is now reporting two measures of percent positivity. One measure is determined by dividing the total of unique individuals who tested positive by the unique number of people tested. We call this the “people over people” method. This method does not account for people who have had repeat positive or negative tests in the past 90 days. This is the method that has been used to report percent positive since the beginning of the pandemic. It biases the percent positivity higher in the current testing environment.

UDOH is also reporting percent positivity based on the total positive tests divided by the total number of tests administered. This is the “test over test” method, this method is now used by at least 37 other states and provides a better comparison between what is happening across the country. This method accounts for people who have repeat positive or negative test results and more accurately reflects our increase in testing. It biases the percent positivity lower in the current testing environment. While the specific percent positivity will be different between the two methods, the overall trends for each are very similar.

The rolling 7-day average for percent positivity of “people over people” is 14.1%

The rolling 7-day average for percent positivity of “tests over tests” is 6.4%.

The rolling 7-day average for positive tests is 958 per day. 

There are 278 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19. Total hospitalizations from the beginning of the outbreak are 14,189. 

Officials report 1,794 total deaths.

  • Female, between 45-64, Washington County resident, hospitalized at time of death
  • Male, between 45-64, Utah County resident, hospitalized at time of death
  • Male, between 45-64, Sevier County resident, hospitalized at time of death
  • Male, between 65-84, Davis County resident, hospitalized at time of death
Total Utahns testing positive361,294360,584
Total people tested2,122,1972,117,562
COVID-19 related deaths in Utah1,794 1,790
Vaccines administered524,000 512,189
Utahns currently hospitalized with COVID-19278298
Total hospitalizations14,18914,151

Changes are coming to Utah’s COVID-19 Transmission Index. The Utah Department of Health announced the changes on February 12. They will go into effect starting on Thursday, February 18.

For more on these changes to the percent positivity threshold levels in the COVID-19 Transmission Index and actions, individuals and businesses should take in areas of “moderate” and “low” transmission, click here.

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