SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Blacksmith International a Utah based sourcing and manufacturing company has ordered 10,000 FDA-certified COVID-19 face masks for Utahns in need of them.

Lance Drollinger, VP of sales for Blacksmith International said they have an office in China and that their China team has been very concerned with health here in the states as the virus has spread. “They were surprised to hear that many Americans are not wearing masks. So we are importing masks for our staff and to share with those in need,” Drollinger said.

“We want to help educate the public as much as possible. There are many horror stories going around regarding the masks and people getting taken advantage of,” Drollinger added.

Drollinger said the stories they’ve heard have brought a few things to mind. He said the first issue of getting masks is the cost.

“The price of face masks is increasing significantly, and there are a few reasons for that. One is obvious, the demand is much higher, and the inventory is super low. Demand also requires that the face masks be rushed ordered and rushed shipped. This comes with a price,” Drollinger said.

He said Blacksmith International will not take advantage of the situation by massively marking up the face masks they import. He says they just want to protect people.

Drollinger said he has ordered 10,000 FDA-certified masks including the N95, KN95, and the FFP2 NR.

Drollinger said he will be selling them at 50 units in a box. If you are in need of masks check out the link.

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