SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – March of 2022 marks a milestone for University of Utah Health (U of U Health). This month represents U of U Health’s two-year anniversary of providing medical care to coronavirus patients.

As noted in a U of U press release, 2021 was a time of apprehension regarding new virus variants. As a result, the number of COVID-19 diagnoses and hospitalizations skyrocketed.

Delta surge

  • 1,690 positive COVID-19 cases (highest 7-day average in Utah)
  • 580 hospitalizations (highest 7-day average in Utah)

Omicron surge

  • 10,600 positive COVID-19 cases (highest 7-day average in Utah)
  • 830 hospitalizations (highest 7-day average in Utah)

In the past year, four additional coronavirus variants emerged. The Delta variant made for more severe cases of COVID-19 while the Omicron variant proved to be extremely contagious.

During the peak of Delta (mid-September 2021), U of U Health saw:

  • 73 daily positive COVID-19 infections
  • 79 patients hospitalized for COVID-19

During the peak of Omicron (mid-January 2022), U of U Health saw:

  • 448 daily positive COVID-19 infections
  • 141 patients hospitalized for COVID-19

Despite the harness of the pandemic, 2021 proved to be a breakthrough year in terms of treatment. COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots were made available at all U of U community health centers. The health system administered at least 150,370 vaccinations last year. Throughout the entirety of the pandemic, nearly 190,300 vaccines were distributed by U of U Health.

In addition to vaccines, the demand for coronavirus tests spiked throughout the Delta and Omicron surges. According to U of U Health, the organization tested around 250 patients a day during the peak of the Delta surge, and roughly 350 patients daily amid the peak of the Omicron surge.