(NEXSTAR) – Tom Hanks tweeted that he and Rita Wilson are feeling better and included a message of hope for the rest of us as the world continues to battle the spread of coronavirus.

Hanks wrote:

“Hey, folks. Two weeks after our first symptoms and we feel better. Sheltering in place works like this: You don’t give it to anyone -You don’t get it from anyone. Common sense, no? Going to take awhile, but if we take care of each other, help where we can, and give up some comforts…this, too, shall pass. We can figure this out. Hanx”

Hanks and Wilson tested positive for COVID-19 while they were in Australia to work on a movie about Elvis Presley. On March 11, Hanks posted on social media that he and Wilson were fighting the virus.

“We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches,” Hanks wrote. “Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too.”

A week later, Hanks tweeted that the symptoms were still about the same, but the “blahs” were taking their toll.

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